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How to Launch Your Hemp Brand with GVB Biopharma

Posted 7 months ago by Leighton

Launching a hemp brand can seem complicated. From formulating products to generating brand awareness, there are lots of critical factors that contribute to a successful launch.

At GVB Biopharma, we make the brand launch process easy by providing you with a unique line of products that are ready for sale. With the core of your brand accounted for, the rest of the steps you’ll need to take to achieve success will effortlessly fall into place.

The GVB Biopharma brand launch method can be summarized into seven straightforward stages. Learn about the steps we’ll embark on together to make your hemp brand launch a rousing success.
Step 1: Book a discovery call

The first step is getting to know one another. Contact us to book a discovery call during which we’ll discuss your goals for your brand and the steps we can take to make it happen.

During this initial call, we’ll ask you about the:

The intended scope of your brand
Types of products do you intend to offer
Cannabinoids you want to include in your products
The budget you’ll be working with
Overall goals for your brand

We’ll also tell you more about our capabilities and the factors that set GVB Biopharma apart from our competitors. Our first call will be relatively short, but we’ll try to exchange as much information as possible to ensure we’re a good fit for your goals.
Step 2: Select your products

Once we’ve decided to work together, it will be time to start shaping a brand into being. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, we’ll establish a basic idea of the types of products you want to offer and the cannabinoids you want them to contain.

At GVB Biopharma, we produce an incredibly wide array of different product types. We can accommodate your vision whether you want to offer products that include:

or CBC

We include these cannabinoids in raw material forms like:

Compliant distillates
THC-free distillates
Crystal-resistant distillates
Water-soluble powders and liquids

Whichever types of cannabinoid extracts you choose, we can formulate products as wide-ranging as:

Bath bombs
Pet products

We’ll work with you closely to fully understand the types of products you want and the cannabinoids you’d like them to contain. In addition to a wide array of extracts and finished product options, we also offer quite a few different types of packaging for each product type.

Label design will come later, but choosing packaging options is a critical component of the product selection process. At the end of this step, you’ll have a firm idea of what your products will contain and a rudimentary impression of what they’ll look like.
Step 3: R&D

Once we know the types of products you want, we’ll shift our focus to the lab and start developing your new product line. Formulating hemp products is a precise art that requires close collaboration between the producer and the client.

If there’s anything at all you don’t like about a formulation we put together, be sure to let us know. We’ll take your concerns into account and develop an altered formulation that incorporates your suggestions.

We won’t leave you with product formulation you’re not thrilled with. Instead, our R&D team will continue working tirelessly until we’ve put together a line of formulations that meet your exact specifications.
Step 4: Design and order labels

Once you’re satisfied with the product formulations we’ve put together, it will be time to take the first step in presenting your brand to consumers. Effective branding is a continuous process of trial and error, but with the right label design, you’ll lay the initial groundwork for success.

As you put together labels that represent your unique identity as a brand, you’ll need to start by determining the overarching “feeling” you want your brand to evoke. Do you want your product labels to inform consumers that your brand is:


From there, you’ll need to dive into the details of what your labels will look like. Starting with a logo, establish the overall aesthetic that your product labels will express. Next, reproduce that aesthetic style across every component of your labels.

To finish up, you’ll need to position the text on your labels just right, scale your imagery to ideal proportions, and finalize every other variable involved in the appearance of your product labels. Connect with us to make sure your finished labels are appropriate for your particular products, and then:

Have your labels printed
Ship them to our facility
Allow us some time to apply the labels to your products

Throughout the labeling process, we can assist you by:

Supplying easy-to-use label templates
Recommending reliable label printers

Step 5: Finalize production details

Now comes the moment of truth. We’ve put together a winning line of products, we’ve designed labels, and it’s finally time to put your plans into action.

To move forward with the production process, we’ll need to know:

How many of each product you want to produce
If the finalized product formulations meet your exact specifications
When you want the finished products to be available
How you intend to receive the products once they’re finished

As soon as all of the details have been nailed down, we’ll put together a detailed production plan for your approval. Once you’ve signed off on the production plan, we’ll begin the process of producing your unique white label hemp product line.
Step 6: Begin production

The exact production process we follow varies depending on the specifics of your product line. Regardless of the unique variables that might apply as we produce your products, we’ll keep in touch with you at every step of the way to make sure you’re apprised of our progress.

In most cases, the production process follows the same basic steps:
Allocating production resources

First, we’ll check in with our production team to let them know that a new batch of products has been ordered. They’ll determine the availability of production resources and advise us regarding expected turnaround timeframes.
Bulk product formulation

Then, we’ll formulate each product formulation in your line in bulk quantities. These bulk formulations will be clearly labeled and stored separately.

Next, we’ll transfer the bulk formulations into the individual containers you’ve selected. If you ordered tinctures, we’ll place them in the bottles you chose, and if you ordered topicals, we’ll package them in the desired containers.

Once the formulations have been transferred into individual packages, we’ll apply the labels that you’ve designed and shipped to our facility.
Quality control check

At this point, the products will be complete. We’ll do a final check to make sure the quality of the finished products meets our exacting standards.
Step 7: Product packaging and fulfillment

Your new line of hemp products is now complete, and it’s waiting in our facility to be shipped to your desired location. If all of your new products are going to the same place, we’ll package them together and ship them in bulk.

If you need your products shipped to multiple locations, we can easily fulfill that need as well. Simply let us know which products are going where, and we’ll separate them as needed.

Once the shipping locations have been specified, we’ll carefully package your products into boxes. Depending on the size of your order, your products may be shipped on pallets or in individual boxes. Then, we’ll send your products on their way using your preferred shipping provider.

With this final step, the white label hemp brand launch process will be complete. A single phone call has blossomed into a complete line of high-quality, competitive products that you can rely on for a strong entrance into the hemp market.

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