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Mints & Tablets

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White Label / Mints & Tablets

Mints & Tablets

Mints and tablets provide a delicious and convenient way to deliver the benefits of cannabinoids.

Consumers who are new to CBD particularly appreciate these tasty treats, because they provide a familiar, unintimidating way to consume cannabinoids. With mints and tablets, they can enjoy the benefits of CBD while satisfying their appetite or sweet tooth.

Customization: Our white label products come in a wide variety of options. Customers can select from a range of raw materials, dosage, containers, and ingredients, to build a fully customizable product that suits the needs of their consumers/brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mints & Tablets Lab-Tested?
We test our white label products during various stages of the extraction and production process to provide accurate cannabinoid concentrations and ensure that these products do not contain any contaminants.
Are Mints & Tablets Full-Spectrum?
If our mints or tablets contain full-spectrum hemp extract, then they are full-spectrum. However, we can also make our white label mints with isolate or broad-spectrum extract.
Can I Order Mints & Tablets In Bulk?
Yes, absolutely. Whether you want to use one of our preformulated CBD, CBG, or CBN tablets or you’d rather work with us to design a unique product line of mints, we’re standing by to assist.