Bulk Ingredients / THC-Free Organic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD)

THC-Free Organic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD)

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Bulk Ingredients / THC-Free Organic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD)

THC-Free Organic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD)

65-80% CBD, 2-7% minors (CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDv, CBT)

Certified Organic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD) is a highly refined, high-potency raw material containing 65-80% CBD along with minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, and CBN. The minor cannabinoids make up 2 to 7% of the product. Certified Organic NDD is valued because the broad spectrum of cannabinoids is believed to induce the entourage effect—the belief that taking multiple cannabinoids in concert increases the overall efficacy of any one individual cannabinoid.

THC Free Organic Non-Detect Distillate is a high-end raw material used in premium CBD products where using a certified organic raw material is essential, THC is undesirable, and a high potency of CBD and the minor cannabinoids is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Organic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD) Lab-Tested?
We test every batch we produce of this exciting new form of CBD distillate. Our comprehensive lab reports demonstrate that NDD contains higher concentrations of minor cannabinoids while remaining free of contaminants.
Is Organic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD) Full-Spectrum?
Since non-detect distillate does not contain any THC whatsoever, this extract is broad-spectrum and can’t technically be considered full-spectrum. NDD contains 2-7% minor cannabinoids, however, so this type of extract might offer an even stronger entourage effect than full-spectrum distillate.
Can I OrderOrganic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD) In Bulk?
With 65-80% CBD and 2-7% minor cannabinoids, we’re proud to offer our organic non-detect distillate in various bulk quantities. You can learn more about our pricing and options by contacting us today.
What is a certificate of analysis (COA)?
A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a laboratory report that provides data analysis about a specific product. A COA should be batch-specific and provide you with information about a product’s potency and cannabinoid profile.
Are your COAs from an accredited third-party laboratory?
Yes! Every product purchased from GVB Biopharma is accompanied by a COA issued by an ORELAP accredited, third-party laboratory. All of our products are tested multiple times throughout the production process to ensure the highest quality standards from seed to finished product.
Can I order samples of THC Free Organic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD)?
Yes! You can order samples through one of our sales representatives by clicking “Book A Call” on the top menu bar or on the bottom of each product page. If you have questions about THC Free Organic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD), we suggest you book a call. That way, our sales representative can help you confirm that the product you’re selecting will satisfy your needs.
How is THC Free Organic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD) most commonly used?
THC Free Organic Non-Detect Distillate (NDD) is often used to formulate products that are intended to be entirely THC-free but still contain high concentrations of coveted minor cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDV, and CBT.