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GVB Biopharma CBG distillate is a highly refined cannabinoid extract that contains approximately 60% cannabigerol (CBG) and around 25% CBD. While CBG is similar to CBD in that it is non-intoxicating, this cannabinoid has unique, desirable properties and consumer demand for CBG products is rising.

Our CBG distillate is ideal for tinctures, capsules, edibles, and a wide variety of other product types. In this guide, learn more about GVB Biopharma CBG distillate and why this bulk ingredient is an ideal addition to your brand.

What is THC-free CBG distillate?

Our THC-free CBG distillate is extracted from starting material that is high in CBG, which differentiates this bulk ingredient from many other types of CBG extract available in the B2B market. Like CBD, CBG is a cannabinoid. Also like CBD, it’s possible to breed hemp plants to be high in CBG, which is what we extract here at GVB Biopharma.


THC Free CBG Distillate


CBG distillate that is derived from hemp plants that are high in CBG offers significantly better purity than CBG extracts that have been cobbled together using the low concentrations of this cannabinoid that are present in other Cannabis sativa cultivars. When you derive CBG from plants that contain high concentrations of this cannabinoid, you can use less plant matter and reduce the volume of solvents needed to produce high-potency CBG distillate.

While CBG is the dominant cannabinoid in our CBG distillate, this extract also contains reasonably high concentrations of CBD, so products made with our CBG distillate have a profile loved by consumers. In addition to CBG and CBD, GVB Biopharma CBG distillate also contains 2-4% minor cannabinoids such as CBN and CBC, all while having undetectable levels of THC.

This cannabinoid diversity and lack of THC is highly attractive to consumers who are seeking the benefits of the entourage effect, positioning GVB Biopharma CBG distillate as an ideal extract for capitalizing both on the recent upsurge of interest in cannabigerol and the enduring market emphasis on cannabinoid synergy. Our THC-free CBG distillate is a result of cutting-edge cannabinoid science and takes full advantage of the latest market trends.

Which product types are ideal for THC-free CBG distillate?

GVB Biopharma THC-free CBG distillate is ideal for any product types that are designed to capitalize on the recent upsurge of consumer interest in CBG. Since this high-potency, highly refined extract also contains reasonably large concentrations of CBD, our CBG distillate is also perfect for products that bridge the education and interest gap between CBG and CBD.

As an oil-soluble extract, GVB Biopharma CBG distillate is best suited for products with oil-based ingredients or that otherwise blend well with oils. Tinctures with carriers such as MCT oil or hemp seed oil, for instance, work well with our CBG distillate, and this extract is also ideal for capsules and oil-based topicals like salves and balms.

If you want to produce CBG-rich products that are water-based, we can make our THC-free CBG distillate into either a water-dispersible powder or a water-soluble liquid. While these products are unqiue from our oil-based CBG distillate, they offer the same basic attributes while dispersing evenly through water-based product types like drinks and topicals.

GVB Biopharma CBG distillate is compatible with the same product types that are compatible with CBD distillate, but the unique attributes of CBG make this bulk ingredient ideal for product lines that focus on diversification away from the high-competition CBD specific market. While consumer awareness of CBG and its benefits is rising quickly, the CBG market is still low-competition compared to the CBD market, so the time is now to develop products that will capitalize on the future popularity of CBG.

Why is GVB Biopharma the best source of bulk THC-free CBG distillate?

Very few bulk cannabinoid producers offer high-quality CBG distillate derived from high-CBG hemp plants. The vast majority of the CBG extract on the market is low-quality and prone to contamination, and GVB Biopharma CBG distillate offers additional benefits aside from its extraction source.

Despite containing high levels of CBD and other non-intoxicating cannabinoids in addition to CBG, our CBG distillate is THC-free, which is an increasingly important sticking point among consumers. Plus, GVB Biopharma CBG distillate contains high concentrations of CBD, making it attractive to consumers who want to use both of these popular cannabinoids.

Most importantly, GVB Biopharma places a strong emphasis on testing, compliance, and transparency, which eliminates the guesswork from our client relationships and fosters trust and mutual success. In the following section, we’ll summarize some of the most compelling reasons you should choose GVB Biopharma as your CBG distillate supplier:

Testing and Quality

All GVB Biopharma products are tested multiple times throughout the production process. First, we test the seeds that we use to grow our hemp crops to ensure that they meet our purity and quality standards. While our hemp matures from these verified high-quality seeds, we engage in constant quality control measures to ensure that no pesticides or other toxins contaminate our crops.

We test our hemp flower immediately after harvesting to make sure that our quality control measures were successful. Then, we test the crude extract that we derive from our hemp flower to ensure that no residual solvents are present. Once THC and the other unnecessary components in this crude extract have been removed, we test our proprietary CBG distillate to ensure that it includes the target concentration of desirable substances like CBD and the minor cannabinoids that help make CBG distillate such a useful extract.

You have the option of buying our CBG distillate and manufacturing your own products or allowing us to infuse CBG distillate into pre-made white label products that you can then market yourself. If you select this all-encompassing service, we will test the final product before shipment for purity and potency.

Very few cannabinoid producers take such stringent measures to ensure that the CBG distillate they produce is high-potency and free of contaminants. Lab reports are readily available for both our bulk CBG distillate and our pre-made products that contain this type of cannabinoid-rich CBD concentrate.

Certified Producer

At GVB Biopharma, we proactively seek any and all certifications that may be relevant to our business operations. We were one of the first hemp facilities in Oregon to receive food-grade certification, and we work extensively with local fire marshals to ensure that all of our facilities are compliant with fire safety standards.

Furthermore, we observe all OSHA workplace safety standards, and fire code requirements at our facilities to ensure they are free of hazardous contaminants. Most importantly, GVB Oregon has recently been ISO 9001: 2015 certified and are 3rd party NSF cGMP certified, which speaks to our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality control and quality assurance possible.

Regardless of any claims, we may make about the quality of our CBG distillate and other products, third-party validation is necessary to confirm the purity of our products and the integrity of our organization. Every certification effort we have pursued has proven that GVB Biopharma is one of the nation’s most reputable suppliers of CBG distillate and other cannabinoid extracts and finished products.

Fast Shipping

GVB Biopharma has locations throughout the United States, and we also have a facility in the UK. Plus, we’re in the process of opening a mainland European office, and GVB is one of the only cannabinoid producers to have a presence in South America with our Bogata, Colombia location.

Due to the diverse spread of facilities we’ve established around the world, we offer fast shipping services to more nations than nearly all of our competitors. Once you’ve placed an order with us for bulk CBG distillate, you can usually expect fulfillment within 24 hours. We can also use expedited shipping services to make sure your products arrive as quickly as possible.

With full tracking enabled with every order, you’ll never have to wonder about the location of your CBG distillate. Our customer service team is also available if you have any questions about your order.

Easy Reordering

At GVB Biopharma, we impose a 1-kilo minimum on all of our CBG distillate wholesale orders. From your first order onward, our knowledgeable customer service staff will be standing by to discuss potential order quantities and pricing.

You’ll be supplied with a dedicated customer service contact for your first order and beyond, and we will keep in touch to make sure your order provided everything you hoped for. When it’s time to reorder, simply get in touch with your designated GVB Biopharma associate or contact us directly at to place another order.

Add THC-free CBG distillate to your product lineup today

CBG has unique attributes that set it apart from CBD, and consumers are catching on. Even if you don’t focus solely on this up-and-coming cannabinoid, you’ll certainly regret not including CBG in your product lineup once this hemp constituent reaches peak popularity in the near future. Based on both its individual benefits and the role it plays in the entourage effect, CBG is shaping up to be a major focus of the cannabinoid industry.

With our firm focus on transparency, quality, and accountability, GVB Biopharma is a valuable partner to rely on as your CBG product dreams take flight. Contact us today to learn more about GVB Biopharma THC-free CBG distillate and how this high-quality bulk ingredient can add immense value to the future of your brand.