GVB is committed to providing the highest quality products and the best customer service to its customers. In the aims of continuing to deliver an ever-stronger customer experience GVB has implemented a 100% money back guarantee that all GVB products will conform to GVB’s stated quality specifications or your money back. The guarantee may be claimed by any customer that receives Nonconforming Products.

Nonconforming Products” are any products received by the Customer from GVB that do not conform to the agreed upon specifications as requested by the customer and confirmed by GVB. Should customer receive Nonconforming Products, Customer shall have fourteen (14) days to present proof of nonconformity and notify GVB. Should GVB determine that the products are, in fact, nonconforming subject to GVB’s testing requirements listed below, Customer will have the option to either replace the Nonconforming Products or receive a full refund. Once a guarantee claim is approved, the Customer will have three (3) days, from the receipt of return shipping labels, to return the Nonconforming Products to GVB. Additionally, the following terms and conditions apply to GVB’s guarantee:

– Full refund does not apply to shipping claims; but GVB will reship goods that have been damaged or lost by a common carrier prior to delivery;

– GVB reserves the right to have the Customer return the original order, at GVB’s cost, before replacing or refunding the order;

– This guarantee solely relates to non-conformity of product specifications, this guarantee does not cover consequential damages that may be incurred as a result of any agreement; and

– This guarantee applies only to the point in time where such Products are delivered to the Customer and such time at which the Products have remained materially unaltered since leaving GVB’s possession;

– Customers must engage third party Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (“ORELAP”) accredited laboratory or ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to test products and determine conformity;


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