Bulk Ingredients / CBN Isolate

CBN Isolate

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Bulk Ingredients / CBN Isolate

CBN Isolate

95-99% CBN

CBN is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in the hemp plant at very low potency. Our CBN Isolate is therefore produced in a laboratory environment by using either CBD or CBG as a starting material. Then, via a proprietary process, the material is converted into high-purity CBN. After an ensuing repurification step, this becomes a true CBN Isolate. Preliminary, largely anecdotal, research indicates that CBN is useful as a sleep aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBN Isolate Lab-Tested?
At GVB Biopharma, we control every aspect of our CBN production process from the seed stage to the final product. Our rigorous testing allows us to ensure customers that our CBN isolate is pure and that it does not contain any solvents or pesticides.
Is CBN Isolate THC-Free?
This powdered extract contains non-detectable levels of THC, which means that if our CBN isolate contains any THC at all, there isn’t enough of this intoxicating cannabinoid present to register with even the most advanced testing equipment. CBN isolate is a type of hemp extract that has been purified so that almost all other substances aside from CBN have been eliminated.
Can I Order CBN Isolate In Bulk?
GVB Biopharma can offer CBN isolate in any quantity you desire. Many clients, noting that CBD is already used for sleep, choose to add CBN isolate to sleep-oriented cannabinoid products.