White Label / Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

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White Label / Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Cannabinoid bath bombs provide the perfect relaxation at the end of the day.

Bath Bombs are a perfect way to relax and enjoy your favorite cannabinoid. They are a great way to introduce new customers to CBD, CBN, and CBG and the perfect way to expand any cannabinoid product line.

With a wide variety of colors, scents, raw materials, and cannabinoid concentrations this product can be specially formulated to suit your brand.

Customization: We can specially formulate bath bombs for the desired scent, color, or cannabinoid concentration. All of our white label products come in a wide variety of options. Customers can select from a range of raw materials, dosage, containers, and ingredients, to build a fully customizable product that suits the needs of their consumers/brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bath Bombs Lab-Tested?
To ensure that they don’t contain any contaminants, we lab-test our white label bath bomb products at multiple stages of production. Our rigorous testing criteria also provide exact percentages of the cannabinoids these products contain.
Are Bath Bombs Full-Spectrum?
We are able to formulate our bath bombs using a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate raw material. We can use whichever bulk ingredient you would like to formulate the desired end product.
Can I Order Bath Bombs In Bulk?
Yes, our bath bombs are available for bulk ordering. You can select from quite a few different existing product types, and we can also work with you to design the unique bath bomb of your dreams.