GVB has been acquired by 22nd Century Group (Nasdaq: XXII), Read the Press Release Here

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Leading Hemp

GVB Biopharma | The Leading Hemp Manufacturer

The GVB Biopharma team of 150 employees includes top chemists and extractors, and many locals who have been trained to carry out highly technical jobs. A strong sense of pride runs through the company as we share our mission to create the highest quality hemp cannabinoid products possible.

GVB extracts cannabinoids from hemp using a proprietary cryogenic extraction process…

Exploring Cannabinoids with GVB Biopharma (Podcast)

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Ep. 1: 2022 Is The Time To Start A Hemp Brand | GVB Biopharma

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Ep. 2: Benefits Of Partnering With An Extraction Facility

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Ep.3: How To Take Advantage Of The Emerging Cannabinoid Industry

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Ep. 4 - Innovation is always rewarded in the cannabinoid market

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Ep. 5 - How To Stand Out In The Crowded Hemp Industry

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Ep. 6 - Consumer cannabinoid products

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Ep. 7 - How To Succeed In The Canadian Hemp Market

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Ep. 8 - In this episode we will be exploring CBC

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Leading Hemp

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying! | GVB Biopharma

Our customers agree that the combination of our team’s dedication to customer satisfaction and our commitment to product quality sets GVB Biopharma apart from the competition. We love hearing from our customers and believe their testimonials speak volumes about our business.

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