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Bottol Icon Tinctures are a popular choice for taking a daily dose of CBD.

It’s easy to see why tinctures are such a common method of ingesting CBD. They are simple to use and incredibly versatile. At GVB, we have the ability to formulate a wide variety of white label CBD tinctures to suit your customers’ needs. We formulate tinctures using CBD isolate, CBG, CBN, CBC, and other botanical ingredients. By customizing ingredients and the concentrations, it is possible to produce different effects such as a calming formula, an energizing morning boost, or a high-CBN nighttime formula.

Customization: With a range of ingredients and packaging to choose from, you can easily custom-formulate your tincture to suit your brands needs. Our white label CBD tincture options allow you to select cannabinoids, dosage, containers, and additional ingredients to create a fully-customized product. For example, we can add botanical extracts such as ginger or peppermint, and we can add hemp-derived terpenes to tinctures. We’ll work with you to meet your goals when it comes to your white label CBD extract!

Sample prices are not reflective of bulk pricing.

Quality Management System

Quality Management System

OSHA Compliance

OSHA Compliance

Superlative Quality & Compliance

Superlative Quality & Compliance

Food Grade Certification

Food Grade Certification

Fire Safety Compliance

Fire Safety Compliance

Product Specifications

What is it?
A flavored or unflavored tincture is made up of concentrated cannabidiol extracts, a carrier oil, and possibly other herbal ingredients. Tinctures are a quick and easy way to effectively deliver the benefits of cannabinoids that can be used day or night.
How to use it?
Begin with 1 serving sublingually under the tongue for 30 seconds. Effects should be felt within 15-45 minutes. Mildly increased dosing if needed, until desired effects are reached. May be used day or night. Avoid contact with eyes.
Popular Ingredient
GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACT: Ginkgo biloba is a natural extract that may help reduce anxiety and enhance mental clarity. This ingredient is often used for daytime formulations.
VALERIAN ROOT EXTRACT: Valerian root is believed to naturally improve sleep by providing relaxation and sedative effects. This ingredient is often used for nighttime formulations.
GINSENG EXTRACT: Ginseng may help to reduce fatigue while also supporting an improved immune response
GVB Biopharma

About Us

We provide the industry with reliable, high quality cannabinoids at wholesale prices.

GVB is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hemp cannabinoids. We are proud to provide high quality extracts at wholesale prices without compromising compliance or reliability. GVB is at the vanguard of the organic cultivation, research, development, and marketing of hemp-based wellness solutions for suppliers, customers, and consumers around the globe. We ship bulk cannabinoid extracts around the world, and are rapidly growing our international presence to expand the wholesale cannabinoid community.

Learn More

Learn More About Tinctures

Tinctures and CBD extracts are always in demand, and many cannabis retailers find them to be their best-selling products. Customers enjoy the variety of options available and their ease of use. While tinctures don’t allow for targeted benefits the way creams and other topicals do, they are a versatile way to enjoy the potential mind-and-body benefits of the hemp plant.

Frequent questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tinctures Lab-Tested?
At GVB Biopharma, we test our preformulated white label tinctures for potency and purity. Testing is performed at multiple stages of the production process to establish cannabinoid ratios and ensure that no pesticides or residual solvents are present.
Are Tinctures Full-Spectrum?
Depending on the type of hemp extract that is used in our white label tinctures, these products may be either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. We offer full-spectrum, bulk tinctures with both CBD and CBG.
Can I Order Tinctures In Bulk?
Our white label tinctures are designed to be ordered in bulk and resold by hemp brands. Choosing preformulated white label tinctures is perfect for brands that want to launch completed products with minimal production costs.
What is a certificate of analysis (COA)?
A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a laboratory report that provides data analysis about a specific product. A COA should be batch-specific and provide you with information about a product’s potency and cannabinoid profile.
Will a COA be provided with my tinctures?
Cannabinoid products should always be accompanied by COAs. All of our products are accompanied by COAs from an ORELAP-accredited, third-party laboratory. When you purchase tinctures, you will be provided with a COA that is batch-specific and confirms the product’s potency.
Do you offer tincture samples?
Yes, we do. Sampling can be an excellent way to determine which finished product will be right for your brand. To order samples, book a call with one of our sales representatives. By booking a call, you can order multiple samples at once and receive suggestions from our representative regarding which products would best suit your needs and price point.
Which formulations are most commonly used with tinctures?
There are so many tinctures on the market that it’s hard to select a single popular formulation. Energizing daytime tinctures and relaxing nighttime tinctures are definitely crowd favorites, but tinctures that combine multiple premium ingredients like ginger, maca root, or turmeric are also extremely popular.


FDA Registered
Both our raw material manufacturing facility and white label facility are registered with the FDA.
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