Bulk Ingredients / CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate

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Bulk Ingredients / CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate

≥ 99% CBD

CBD Isolate is a pure, crystalline, flavorless pharmaceutical grade powder that is 99+% pure CBD. All of the hemp plant matter is removed from the isolate, including oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and more, resulting in CBD powder that is nearly chemically pure. That degree of purity makes it extremely easy to dose accurately. Since it is flavorless, it can be easily introduced into products without altering the flavor profile.

CBD Isolate is one of the most cost-effective raw materials available, and is suitable for use in nearly all CBD consumer products. It does not contain any minor cannabinoids in its profile, making it suitable for applications where CBD content and ease of dosing is paramount and minor cannabinoid profile is less crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD Isolate Lab-Tested?
CBD isolate is purified to the extent that only the cannabidiol molecule remains, but we still test this product to ensure that it is free of contaminants and offers the potency we claim. We test our products at every stage of the production process to provide total transparency and reliability.
Is CBD Isolate THC-Free?
This powdered extract contains non-detectable levels of THC, which means that if our CBD isolate contains any THC at all, there isn’t enough of this intoxicating cannabinoid present to register with even the most advanced testing equipment. CBD isolate is a type of hemp extract that has been purified so that almost all other substances aside from CBD have been eliminated. GVB Biopharma CBD isolate routinely tests at ~99% purity, which makes our CBD isolate one of the purest and options on the market.
Can I Order CBD Isolate In Bulk?
GVB Biopharma offers CBD isolate in bulk in various quantities and product packages. While CBD isolate does not offer the entourage effect, this type of cannabidiol extract provides incredible purity and value.