GVB Biopharma Begins Cannabigerol (CBG) Studies to Assess Therapeutic Potential

Posted 4 years ago

LAS VEGASAug. 6, 2020 — GVB Biopharma, a pharmaceutical company specializing in hemp and cannabis-related consumer products, announced today that it has established the process and infrastructure for producing medicinal products from cannabigerol (CBG).

With this venture, GVB Biopharma creates a scientific foundation and professional network for a research and development program for CBG, allowing for the rapid development of licensable intellectual property. In addition to CBG, this well-vetted process can be used to identify and develop other target molecules of interest.

The process will be established in two phases with two parts each. In the first phase, GVB will conduct extensive literature review of research on the endocannabinoid system and the effects of CBG, using the results to create an annotated database of scientific research. Next, GVB will oversee the chemical characterization of CBG, confirming the absence of pollutants and identifying important features like potency and shelf life.

In the second phase, GVB Biopharma will create a biological characterization of CBG and assess its therapeutic potential and other meaningful uses. These efforts allow GVB to compile scientific evidence showing the value of CBG products to regulatory agencies, allowing for efficient access to the marketplace.

GVB Biopharma sets the industry standard for rigor in developing, testing and manufacturing hemp and cannabinoid products for the discerning consumer. With its state-of-the-art facilities for hemp processing in Oregon and white-label consumer product manufacturing in Nevada, GVB Biopharma sets the standard for product quality. From using rigorous research, to testing the genetic stability of seeds, to verifying the cannabinoid capacity of its plants and purity of the distilled oil, the integrity of the GVB Biopharma process is reflected in every product.


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