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CBD Isolate Manufacturer Guide

Posted 2 years ago by GVB Biopharma Evidence Based
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Updated on May 25, 2023
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Purchase CBD Isolate

CBD (cannabidiol) isolate is one of the simplest types of hemp cannabinoid extracts—but it’s also one of the most versatile raw materials at your disposal. Despite being rendered down to 99%+ pure CBD molecules, quality varies significantly among different manufacturers of bulk CBD isolate products, making it necessary to learn as much as possible about this type of extract before you choose a bulk supplier.

In this guide, learn how CBD isolate is made, and discover the factors that separate reliable, trustworthy CBD isolate manufacturers from companies that are not worthy of your business. Along the way, you’ll find answers to other questions you might (and should) be asking as you find the best CBD isolate manufacturer for your brand’s needs.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a powdered substance that consists almost entirely of pure cannabidiol molecules. All other natural components (such as terpenes, THC, or flavonoids) of hemp extract have been removed, leaving only CBD behind. As a result, CBD isolate naturally takes on a purified crystalline form, making it very different in appearance compared to less-processed forms of hemp concentrate. CBD isolate is one of the easiest types of CBD extracts to produce, but an expert touch is nonetheless required to achieve desirable results.

What is CBD isolate made out of?

CBD isolate consists almost entirely of pure CBD molecules. Any other components left behind are only present in trace amounts and usually cannot be detected without comprehensive lab testing. What this means for your brand is that CBD isolate does not contain any added components. It is simply the purest form of cannabidiol available on the market. 

What are the benefits of CBD isolate?

CBD isolate captures the acclaimed benefits of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid in a convenient, easy-to-use form.¹ The powder does not contain any traces of THC or other hemp substances aside from CBD. Yes, other forms of CBD extract can also be THC-free seemingly causing CBD isolate to lose its monopoly on this particular benefit.

The fact remains, though, that CBD isolate is remarkably easy to work with, making this type of extract an excellent choice for newbies and veteran CBD brands alike. CBD isolate’s powdered form eliminates messes on the production line, and simplifies measuring exact doses of CBD.

What are the features of CBD isolate?

CBD isolate has roughly standard features regardless of the manufacturer. The main differentiator between bulk CBD isolate options is quality instead of potency. As long as it was manufactured correctly, CBD isolate should be a white, powdery substance that contains more than 99% cannabinoids. 

How is CBD Isolate manufactured?

CBD isolate is produced by extracting the oils from mature hemp flowers and then removing all components aside from CBD molecules².

The process used to isolate CBD from the other hemp flower components varies depending on the manufacturer. Keep in mind that GVB utilizes a highly refined forced crystallization process. Whichever process is used, the end result should be high-potency CBD extract consisting of 99%+ pure cannabidiol.

Can I buy CBD isolate in bulk?

Yes, bulk CBD isolate is widely available on the internet, and it’s one of the most cost-efficient and versatile types of CBD extract you can buy. Compared to other types of CBD extracts, CBD isolate often costs less and, due to its dry, powdered form is easier to package and ship. As you make your selection, prioritize CBD isolate manufacturers with an overabundance of certifications and a focus on total transparency.

What is a CBD isolate powder manufacturer?

A CBD isolate manufacturer is a company that uses CBD-rich hemp flowers to produce CBD isolate in bulk. As it is one of the easiest forms of CBD extract to make, the bar to entry for CBD isolate manufacturing is lower than it is for other extracts. Resultantly, there’s a significant gulf between the best CBD isolate manufacturer on the internet and the worst.

Qualities of a reliable CBD isolate manufacturing company

How do you tell a good CBD isolate manufacturer from a bad one? You’ll probably need to get on the phone and talk with a sales representative to get the full story. Remember that there are a few categories in which a CBD isolate manufacturer absolutely must get high marks in order to be qualified as your supplier:

High-tech processes

The processes you use to make CBD isolate can have a profound impact on the end result. Using inferior production processes can result in contaminants remaining in CBD³ isolate after the refinement process is complete. Even if concentrations under 1%, any presence of contaminants in CBD isolate can pose health and safety concerns.

Multiple cannabinoids available

If a CBD isolate manufacturer also offers other cannabinoids in isolated form, that’s a sign they’ve achieved enough success to branch out into additional ventures. Beware of companies that only offer CBD isolate—that may be an indication a company is small and uses inferior processes, not that they’ve chosen to focus on one type of extract.

Comprehensive lab testing

It isn’t enough to simply test CBD isolate once the finished product is ready for sale. A skilled CBD manufacturer will test the materials that can be refined to CBD isolate at every stage of the production process as opposed once the process is finished.

Across-the-board certifications

For too long, hemp producers operated in the dark. Nowadays, there’s no reason to run a hemp production business as an illicit venture. The right CBD isolate manufacturer will be certified just as much as any other producer of fine products. GVB Biopharma proactively seeks out every available opportunity for certification to provide our customers with utmost peace of mind.

How do you find the best CBD isolate manufacturers?

Finding a CBD isolate manufacturer isn’t like buying a consumer product on the internet. The product description is only the beginning of the conversation—asking questions is essential and should be encouraged by the manufacturer you’re questioning. Even if you think you’ve found a good match, keep asking questions until you know for sure that the manufacturer you’ve contacted will be able to fulfill your exact needs.

How do I get started with CBD isolate?

To start offering premium hemp products containing CBD isolate, contact GVB Biopharma customer care today. A representative will walk you through the process and ask questions to ensure they understand your goals.

If you find that you’re ready to proceed, it’s possible to place your first order the very same day. Otherwise, we’ll keep communications open and provide you with all the time you need to make a final decision you’re comfortable with.

CBD isolate manufacturer FAQ

To finish up, we’ll answer some common questions regarding CBD isolate manufacturers and what they do:

1. Do CBD isolate manufacturers also make other products?

Yes, most CBD isolate manufacturers also make other hemp extracts, and in fact, offering multiple types of extracts is one of the hallmarks of a reliable and trustworthy CBD isolate manufacturer. The right CBD isolate producer doesn’t necessarily have to produce the most extracts of any company on the internet, but offering more than just a handful of products indicates that a company has the production facilities necessary to produce high-quality extracts.

2. How much is a kilo of CBD isolate?

Prices for a kilo of CBD isolate vary considerably depending on the quality of the extract and the manufacturer in question. In addition, pricing generally goes down quite a bit when you order multiple kilos of CBD isolate at a time. As you select the right CBD manufacturer, try to find a reasonable bulk price that is somewhere in the middle of the range listed above.

3. How much is CBD isolate per gram?

Purchased on a per-gram basis, CBD isolate cost can be relatively costly. Purchased in bulk, the price point drops astronomically—if you get the right deal. Keep in mind, though, that the cheapest CBD isolate may not be the best CBD isolate for your brand. While you shouldn’t overpay for this abundant and simple type of CBD extract, it’s just as important to avoid purchasing contaminated or low-quality isolate.

4. Which is better: CBD isolate or full-spectrum?

When it comes to the differences between isolated and full-spectrum CBD extracts, it isn’t a question of better or worse. These two types of concentrated CBD are simply different, and they may be applicable and widely different situations.

CBD isolate, for instance, is ideal for simple products that are designed to offer the benefits of CBD and nothing more. Full spectrum CBD, on the other hand, is more suited for organic or all-natural products that capture the potential of the entourage effect⁴.

What’s more, you can even add CBD isolate to other types of hemp extracts to formulate products that contain plenty of CBD but also other cannabinoids and beneficial compounds. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the potential applications of CBD extracts.

5. How pure is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is generally at least 99% pure. Some CBD isolate manufacturers can boost this purity to upwards of 99.8%, but achieving the highest-possible CBD purity levels is not the primary concern of most hemp extract producers. Instead, it’s far more important to ensure that the remaining tiny percentage of the extract that is not CBD is not composed of contaminants or dangerous substances.

6. What are CBD isolate machine manufacturers?

The term “CBD isolate machine manufacturer” refers to a company that manufactures machines used to produce CBD isolate. Some CBD isolate manufacturers purchase their processing equipment from other companies while others develop their own CBD isolate extraction and purification processes in-house. As you move through the process of finding a CBD isolate manufacturer, make sure you aren’t buying a machine used to make CBD isolate instead.

7. What is the ICNI name for CBD isolate?

Within the system of categorization known as the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (ICNI), isolated cannabidiol extract is known as “Cannabidiol.” Technically, this name only applies to isolated CBD, and products containing more than just homogenous cannabidiol should be labeled as such.

It may occasionally have practical utility, but the ICNI is mainly used to help regulators keep track of ingredients commonly used in cosmetics. Outside the world of topically applied substances, ICNI definitions are entirely irrelevant.

8. At what temperature does CBD isolate degrade?

Studies show that CBD begins to degrade when exposed to heat exceeding 40° F and fully degrades at temperatures exceeding 160° F. CBD isolate products should be kept in conditions where temperatures are lower than 40° C (100° F) to prevent premature degradation. In fact, cannabinoid extracts (even isolates) tend to do best in cool, dry conditions not exceeding 25° C (75° F) for ideal preservation.

9. Does CBD isolate need to be heat-activated?

No, CBD isolate products do not generally need to be heat-activated (decarboxylated) prior to use. The vast majority of CBD isolate products are provided in a pre-decarboxylated state, which means they are ready to be added to product formulations with no need for heat activation.

If this is not the case, the product will be labeled as CBDa instead of CBD to indicate that it contains the carboxylic acid precursor to CBD rather than the cannabinoid’s decarboxylated form. Compared to CBD, CBDa products are few and far between, so it is very unlikely that any CBD isolate product you come across needs to be heat-activated before use.

10. Why is CBD isolate white?

CBD isolate is white since CBD naturally takes on a colorless, crystalline form when purified and separated from all other substances. The presence of any hues other than pure white, in fact, can indicate that CBD isolate contains contaminants. It is ideal for CBD isolate to be as white as snow, and a white appearance does not indicate that there is anything wrong with your CBD isolate.


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Purchase CBD Isolate

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