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Divisions & Extensions


Our National Presence




Production of GVB’s raw materials and ingredient manufacturing and distribution takes place in Central Oregon, where our roots are, and where our 300 acres of organic hemp farms are located. The food-grade production facility covers 33,000 square feet.



GVB’s distribution presence begins at our 40,000-square-foot consumer product facility in Nevada, where we process raw materials into finished products and ship them to our nationwide network of customers.



Southern California is home to our administrative division, including GVB’s marketing team, sales, finance and accounting, and project managers.


Denver & Chicago

Our regional sales teams headquartered in Denver and Chicago are positioned to serve our widespread customer base and provide outstanding local support.


Our International Presence



GVB Latin America:
Bogotá, Colombia

The Latin American market for cannabinoid products is vast and growing, and GVB is uniquely positioned to tap into it. Our Colombia facilities manufacture CBD products for business-to-business customers, as well as an in-house line of branded products. Our Latin America hemp sourcing agreements are consistent with GVB’s exacting standards for hemp farming practices and plant genetics. A new manufacturing/lab facility near Bogotá will serve markets throughout Latin America where CBD is authorized for sale.


Doncaster, England

GVB is perfectly positioned to serve a growing United Kingdom cannabinoid market that continues to establish its own identity, distinct from the European Union. Our ongoing relationships with major players in the UK nutraceutical market allow us to parlay existing channels into significant distribution networks.


GVB Europe

GVB has a robust and growing customer base in Europe. To further support our presence on the Continent, GVB will open both a European sales office and a distribution center in 2020. Our European presence also furthers our mission to promote cutting-edge hemp-based cannabinoid science. GVB has partnered with a number of well-established European firms who are actively developing sound research supporting the efficacy of cannabinoid products in both the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors.

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