Bulk Ingredients / Water Dispersible Powder

Water Dispersible Powder

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Bulk Ingredients / Water Dispersible Powder

Water Dispersible Powder

+/- 5% to 20% CBD

Water Dispersible Powder, also known as Water Soluble Powder, can be produced from any of GVB’s raw materials, including Full Spectrum Distillate, Broad Spectrum Distillate, CBD Isolate, CBG Isolate, etc. Water Soluble Powder is produced by a proprietary process that blends the starting material into a powder that is soluble in water. The material, which has a 24-month shelf life, retains the same properties as the starting material it was derived from. It is typically used in such products as soft gels, tablets, tinctures, tea bags, hemp flakes, etc…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Water Soluble CBD Powder Lab-Tested?
We thoroughly test all of our products at every stage of the production process to ensure potency and purity. Our rigorous testing methodologies certify that our products are free of solvents and pesticides while also confirming the exact cannabinoid ratios that are present.
Is Water Soluble CBD Powder Full-Spectrum?
Depending on the source substance that is used to make our water-soluble CBD powder, this product may be either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. We can make almost all of our extracts, including CBD isolate, CBG isolate, and THC-free CBD distillate into this popular, water-soluble product.
Can I Order Water Soluble CBD Powder In Bulk?
Our water-soluble CBD powder is available in various bulk quantities and cannabinoid ratios depending on your needs. Water-soluble cannabinoid powder has a 24-month shelf life and is desirable for products such as tea bags, drink droppers, and cannabinoid-rich hemp flakes.