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Bulk Ingredients

GVB Biopharma is one of the country’s top producers of wholesale, hemp-based raw material products. Everything we do is rooted in innovation. Several of our wide range of bulk ingredients are highly specialized. Some products are themselves proprietary, and all are produced utilizing our own carefully developed, proprietary processes. Our high production capacity, combined with our exacting standards and prompt shipping speeds, positions us to deliver outstanding service to producers of hemp-based consumer products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Wholesale Extracts & Raw Materials Lab-Tested?

Whether it’s biomass or high-quality distillate, we test each of our products multiple times to ensure potency and purity. Our rigorous testing verifies the cannabinoid concentrations of our products and ensures they are free of contaminants.

Are Your Wholesale Extracts & Raw Materials Full-Spectrum?

The raw materials we offer are available in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolated cannabinoid options. Our team is ready to guide you through the raw materials we offer to help you select the best extracts for your end products.

Can I Order Wholesale Extracts & Raw Materials In Bulk?

GVB Biopharma is proud to offer our entire catalog in various bulk quantities. Starting with biomass or extract is a great way to save on costs if you intend to formulate your own product line.

What is a certificate of analysis (COA)?

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a laboratory report that provides data analysis about a specific product. A COA should be batch-specific and provide you with information about a product’s potency and cannabinoid profile.

Are your COAs from an accredited third-party laboratory?

Yes! Every product purchased from GVB Biopharma is accompanied by a COA issued by an ORELAP accredited, third-party laboratory. All of our products are tested multiple times throughout the production process to ensure the highest quality standards from seed to finished product.

Can I order samples?

Yes! You can order samples through one of our sales representatives by clicking “Book A Call” on the top menu bar or on the bottom of each product page.

If you have questions about any of our bulk ingredients, we suggest you book a call. That way, our sales representative can help you confirm that the product you’re selecting will satisfy your needs.

What is CRD?

Crystal-resistant distillate (CRD) is one of the most popular bulk ingredients in the GVB Biopharma catalog. GVB is the world’s premier provider of this niche ingredient, which resists recrystallization in vape cartridges and other cannabinoid distillate products. Use CRD in formulations in which high concentrations of cannabinoids are desired in an extract that nonetheless retains its liquid qualities.


You can buy cannabigerol (CBG) wholesale in the form of crystal-resistant distillate (CRD). Purchasing CBG in bulk is a great way to save on this cannabinoid extract whether you’re formulating products using CRD or any other type of CBG concentrate.


Cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid that naturally occurs when THC oxidizes, and it’s possible to formulate CBN into crystal-resistant distillate (CRD). When you buy CBN wholesale, you can formulate products containing solely this cannabinoid or combine your CBN bulk formulation with other cannabinoids like CBD or CBG.

How much does wholesale CBD cost?

The cost to purchase CBD products in bulk varies considerably based on factors like the quality of the products, the quantity you’re buying, and the level of completion at which you’re buying the products. Low-grade hemp biomass, for instance, is quite cheap. Ready-for⁠-sale, high-potency CBD vape cartridges, for contrast, will always cost considerably more wholesale.

Where can I buy CBDa wholesale?

With this chemical precursor to CBD trending in the news, CBDa wholesale products are in hot demand. GVB Biopharma is one of the world’s most trusted suppliers of CBDa bulk products—contact customer service today to learn more about our uniquely tailored CBDa white label product formulations.

How profitable is a CBD store?

Given the enduring and increasing popularity of hemp, CBD stores can be quite profitable. The Wild West days of CBD are over, however—to succeed in today’s hemp market, you’ll need to offer reliable, high-quality products that offer value above and beyond the competition. You can achieve a competitive advantage by working with the right CBD white labeler.

How do I start a wholesale CBD business?

You can start a wholesale CBD business today by getting in touch with a CBD while labeler. The right company will walk you through the brand-launch process, covering everything from brand image to labeling to product formulations. With the assistance of the right hemp private labeler, starting your very own hemp brand is something you can get done today.

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