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Purchase Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate

Purchase Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate

Full-spectrum (compliant) distillate is a refined form of hemp extract that is guaranteed to contain less than 0.3% THC. This type of distillate is referred to as “compliant” since its THC levels are in compliance with regulatory and legal requirements established by the 2018 Farm Bill¹.

This CBD extract is honey-like and amber-colored in appearance, and as a purified oil, it blends well with most product types. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the unique properties of full-spectrum distillate, explain why this type of extract is useful, and share the most compelling reasons that you should trust GVB Biopharma as your bulk CBD full-spectrum supplier.

What is Full-Spectrum (Compliant) Distillate?

At GVB Biopharma, all of the hemp strains we cultivate to produce high-quality CBD extracts are bred to contain less than 0.3% THC. Due to our proprietary processing, all of our finished cannabinoid extracts also contain less than 0.3% THC as well. Full-spectrum CBD distillate is a refined extract manufactured by GVB that contains THC at levels that are federally compliant².

Compliant full-spectrum distillate is one of the most affordable bulk ingredients we offer at GVB Biopharma. This is because the distillate has not been subjected to additional processes that fully remove the THC from CBD distillate. At the same time, however, this distillate product represents the pinnacle of advanced hemp extraction science. To provide this extract with the maximum purity possible, we take great care to remove all traces of chlorophyll, wax, and other components that are not desirable in high-end distillate.

In addition to being more affordable, one impressive advantage offered by full-spectrum distillate is the potential of providing the entourage effect. Current research indicates that hemp extract is more potent when the various cannabinoids present in Cannabis sativa flower are consumed together³ (the entourage effect). The full-spectrum distillate may offer these enhanced effects when compared to CBD isolate or other hemp extracts that do not contain any traces of THC.

When reduced to concentrations below 0.3%, the THC content in full-spectrum distillate does not cause any intoxicating effects. It’s possible, however, that when combined with CBG, CBN, CBC, and other non-intoxicating minor cannabinoids, the presence of trace amounts of THC could improve the effectiveness of CBD due to the entourage effect.

This versatile GVB Biopharma full spectrum extract has a variety of unique attributes that make it worth considering as an addition to your CBD brand.

Which product types are ideal for full-spectrum distillate?

GVB Biopharma full-spectrum distillate is ideal for product formulations that are designed to offer the full benefits of CBD while retaining very low THC levels. If it is not necessary to eliminate all traces of THC from your product line, then full-spectrum distillate is an affordable option that may offer enhanced benefits over CBD isolate and other forms of CBD extract in which THC has been eliminated.

Full-spectrum distillate is highly refined, making it very different from winterized or crude CBD extract. Less-refined forms of CBD extract may have a bitter flavor and cause discoloration when they are added to product formulations. In contrast, full-spectrum extract has a light color and mild taste, making it easy to mix with almost every product type imaginable without undesired effects.

Full-spectrum distillate is naturally hydrophobic and will not mix with a water-based product.4 If you want to use full-spectrum distillate in a water-based product, we have full-spectrum water-soluble CBD concentrate options at your disposal.

Why is GVB Biopharma the best source of bulk full-spectrum distillate?

Around the world, GVB Biopharma is widely known as being one of the most professional and transparent CBD extract manufacturers. We pride ourselves on using the best materials and equipment, and we oversee every stage of the manufacturing process ourselves to ensure total quality control and accountability.

In addition to actively pursuing all relevant compliance measures, we also perform comprehensive in-house testing on all of our products. To top it off, our customer service team is second-to-none, and our proactive client relations efforts make it easy to reorder or update your product line at any time. Here are some additional details on what makes GVB Biopharma such a straightforward and rewarding CBD producer to partner with:

Testing and Quality

All GVB Biopharma products are tested multiple times throughout the production process. First, we test the seeds that we use to grow our hemp crops to ensure that they meet our purity and quality standards. While our hemp matures from these verified high-quality seeds, we engage in constant quality control measures to ensure that no pesticides or other toxins contaminate our crops.

We test our hemp flower immediately after harvesting to make sure that our quality control measures were successful. Then, we test the crude extract that we derive from our hemp flower to ensure that no residual solvents are present. Once the unnecessary components in this crude extract have been removed, we test the resulting full-spectrum CBD distillate to ensure that it includes less than 0.3% THC and still contains desirable substances like CBD and the minor cannabinoids that help make full-spectrum distillate such a useful extract.

You have the option of buying our full-spectrum distillate and manufacturing your own products or allowing us to infuse full-spectrum distillate into pre-made white label products that you can then market yourself. If you select this all-encompassing service, we will test the final product before shipment for purity and potency.

Very few cannabinoid producers take such stringent measures to ensure that the full-spectrum distillate they produce is high-potency and free of contaminants. Lab reports are readily available for both our bulk full-spectrum distillate and our white label products that contain this type of cannabinoid-rich CBD concentrate.

Certified Producer

At GVB Biopharma, we proactively seek any and all certifications that may be relevant to our business operations. We were one of the first hemp facilities in Oregon to receive food-grade certification and we work extensively with local fire marshals to ensure that all of our facilities are compliant with fire safety standards.

Most importantly, GVB Oregon is ISO 9001:2015 certified and holds an NSF International’s Good Manufacturing Practice Registration for dietary supplements. NSF International is a leading certification agency that verifies a manufacturing facility has the proper methods, equipment, facilities, and controls in place to produce dietary supplement products in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s regulations on dietary supplements.

GVB also recently received our Handling certification from California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and has started producing Certified Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), which affirms GVB Biopharma’s position as one of the industry’s leading hemp processors.

Each of our certifications speaks to our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality control and quality assurance possible. Furthermore, we observe all OSHA workplace safety standards and fire code requirements at our facilities to ensure they are free of hazardous contaminants.

Regardless of any claims, we may make about the quality of our bulk CBD isolate and other products, third-party validation is necessary to confirm the purity of our products and the integrity of our organization. Every certification effort we have pursued has proven that GVB Biopharma is one of the nation’s most reputable suppliers of CBD isolate and other cannabinoid extracts and finished products.

Fast Shipping

GVB Biopharma has locations throughout the United States and we also have a facility in the UK. Plus, we’re in the process of opening a mainland European office and GVB is one of the only cannabinoid producers to have a presence in South America with our Bogata, Colombia location.

Due to the diverse spread of facilities we’ve established around the world, we offer fast shipping services to more nations than nearly all of our competitors. Once you’ve placed an order with us for bulk water-dispersible powder, you can usually expect fulfillment within 24 hours. We can also use expedited shipping services to make sure your products arrive as quickly as possible.

With full tracking enabled with every order, you’ll never have to wonder about the location of your full-spectrum distillate. Our customer service team is also available if you have any questions about your order.

Easy Reordering

At GVB Biopharma, we impose a 1-kilo minimum on all of our full-spectrum distillate wholesale orders. From your first order onward, our knowledgeable customer service staff will be standing by to discuss potential order quantities and pricing.

You’ll be supplied with a dedicated customer service contact for your first order and beyond, and we will keep in touch to make sure your order provided everything you hoped for. When it’s time to reorder, simply get in touch with your designated GVB Biopharma associate or contact us directly at support@gvbbiopharma.com to place another order.

Add full-spectrum distillate to your product lineup today

GVB Biopharma full-spectrum distillate provides many of the same benefits as other CBD distillates while being affordable and completely compliant with all regulations that require CBD products to contain less than 0.3% THC. Since it is a distilled form of CBD extract, full-spectrum distillate is incredibly pure, and it has a mild taste, making it ideal for ingestible products, topical products, and a variety of other CBD product categories.

When you choose GVB Biopharma as your CBD supplier, you don’t only get high-quality CBD products. You also gain access to comprehensive customer service, and our team will help you with any issue that may arise as you develop a brand that will reach your target audience and succeed in the long term. Partner with us at GVB Biopharma to experience the difference that true dedication to excellence can provide in the CBD industry.

Full-spectrum distillate FAQs

1. Is full-spectrum distillate the same as distillate?

Usually, the general term “distillate” refers to full-spectrum distillate in the context of hemp or cannabis. It would be a mistake to assume, however, that all distillate is full-spectrum.

Many distilled hemp extracts are now broad-spectrum instead, which is the same as full-spectrum except that it contains undetectable levels of THC. Always check the labeling to make sure which type of hemp extract you’re working with.

2. What does “full-spectrum distillate” mean?

The exact meaning of the term “full-spectrum distillate” varies depending on the manufacturer, but most people take full-spectrum distillate to be CBD, CBG, or CBN distillate containing up to 0.3% THC. That’s the meaning of “full-spectrum” whether it’s referring to bulk distillate or individually packaged tinctures — hemp cannabinoids combined with compliant levels of THC, which could potentially contribute to the entourage effect.

3. What is stronger: distillate or concentrate?

Distillate is a type of concentrate, so it doesn’t make sense to compare these two terms side by side. It’s true, though, that products labeled “distillate” are more likely to be highly concentrated than products labeled “concentrate.” The term “concentrate,” after all, can refer to any type of concentrated extract while “distillate” refers specifically to a high-purity, refined product that often is quite high-potency indeed.

4. How can you tell the quality of distillate?

The best way to determine the quality of distillate is to take a look at lab reports. Pay special attention to both cannabinoid and contaminant concentrations. You should also perform a visual assessment of the distillate — high-quality distillate should be amber-clear and run like honey.


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Purchase Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate

Purchase Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate

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