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Bottol Icon Las píldoras son una forma sencilla y práctica de consumir la dosis diaria de CBD.

Los consumidores a los que no les gusta el sabor de otros productos de cáñamo agradecen la practicidad de tomar una píldora diaria, la cual se puede ingerir fácilmente con un trago de agua. Las píldoras son la forma más eficiente de proporcionar los beneficios del CBD.

Personalización: GVB personalizará el color y el tamaño de cualquier píldora para ayudar a que el producto destaque en el mercado. Nuestros productos de marca blanca están disponibles en una amplia variedad de opciones. Los clientes pueden seleccionar entre una gama de materias primas, dosis, envases e ingredientes, para construir un producto totalmente personalizable que se adapte a las necesidades de sus consumidores/marca.

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Calidad y cumplimiento superlativos

Calidad y cumplimiento superlativos

Cumplimiento de OSHA

Cumplimiento de OSHA

Sistema de manejo de calidad

Sistema de manejo de calidad

Certificación de grado alimenticio

Certificación de grado alimenticio

Cumplimiento de seguridad contra incendios

Cumplimiento de seguridad contra incendios

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About Us

Probamos cada lote de destilado de CBD de espectro completo que producimos.

GVB es el innovador líder mundial en tecnología de cáñamo. GVB está a la vanguardia del cultivo orgánico, la investigación, el desarrollo y la comercialización de soluciones de bienestar basadas en cáñamo para proveedores, clientes y consumidores de todo el mundo. Creemos apasionadamente en las poderosas cualidades que mejoran la vida del cáñamo y otros productos a base de cáñamo, y nos enorgullecemos de nuestra investigación en todas las facetas del cultivo y la producción de cáñamo. Nuestro trabajo cambia vidas para mejor.

Our Píldoras can be formulated using the following bulk ingredients.

Our Clients About Us

My experience with Biopharma has been a great! I worked with Brandon Johnson, and he helped me with questions and concerns I was Inquiring. I had a bit of an issue with shipping but he helped me figure it out in a timely manner which I appreciate. The shipment arrived at my door as expected. The Products are wonderfully packaged and the papers provided was informative and very thorough. The oils and distillate were of high quality and purity in which I am very satisfied with my order. Highly recommend, wide selection definitely Will purchase again!

Mae Tang

My Experience With GVB has been imaculate. I have received the best product and service. I would suggest the CBG to everyone it has changed my life. Josh has helped every step of the way and I am super grateful to him and his partner.

Tony Salas

Just wrote a lengthy review which I lost when I went to check spelling. I learned about GVD in one of my reddit subs. Having done aromatherapy for almost ten years, I had been researching using cannabinoids at a higher level in my products. Had been using them for a few years. While doing my research on the GVB ingredients, the minimum quantities for purchase had been increased from 10g to 50g just as I was about to place my order. A huge amount for the more casual user. The website had encouraged me to contact them, so I did. Got a phone call from a wonderful Account Executive, William Swindells. We discussed the concerns of the members on my reddit sub. He spoke with the company president. A few hours later, the smaller minimums were restored. That's a company that cares about their customers. The ingredients I ordered were the CBD and CBG isolates, and the Crystal Resistant Distillate. The CRD was getting a lot of discussion on reddit because it has relatively high %age of some of the minor cannabinoids. The package includes very detailed COAs of the batches one receives and any other paperwork a reseller might need. Putting together the smaller orders is a lot more work for their processing department, but they've made it possible for us to keep buying from them. I've made two products using the GVB ingredients as my only cannabinoids--an inflammation butter using Amazonian oils/butters and a product to try sublingually for pain. I'm getting positive results from both, but especially the sublingual.

Kathy Makransky

Great company, great product and compliance. Carter Czech salesman is extremely thorough and follow up is above & beyond.

Happy Honey Stix

GVB offers top notch products and customer service for sure. Santino has always reached out to me when placing an order online, it's great to have personalized support like this. So far, I've ordered the Full Spec Compliant CBD disty, the CBG disty, and the CRD (Crystal Resistant Distillate). All of them are very good, but my favorite of the three is the CRD. I placed a second larger order for more of the CRD, very pleased with it. Previously, I was mixing CBC, CBN, CBG, etc into full spec CBD distillate to get decent levels of the other minor cannabinoids. The CRD is perfect, it has very decent levels of CBC, CBG, and CBN, so it saves me a lot of weighing/mixing to get a distillate containing a reasonable amount of minors and a very broad spectrum product. I've used the CRD to make topicals, edibles, and also vape carts. All are outstanding using the CRD. Will be ordering even larger next time. Packaging was extremely professional, all paperwork included. Shipping via UPS which I prefer since the USPS hasn't been so great for me lately. If you are on the fence, don't be. GVB has great products.

Sam Core

Carter and the entire GVB Biopharma team is amazing. Very responsive, quick processing, competitive pricing & always on top of every detail. They are our primary supplier for all CBD raw materials. We wish more suppliers were like the GVB Biopharma team.

Steven Mazurek

Carter and the GVB Biopharma team has been amazing to work with as one of the vendors for our company. They are always prompt to respond with additional information, turn around our orders in record time, and overall great customer service. They have been able to send us samples of additional product to further our skincare formulations and have also saved our company tons of money. Highly recommended!!

Meghan Healey

GVB is the best source for hemp raw materials on the west coast! Shout out to William! Thanks GVB!

NC Hemp

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Sometéis vuestras píldoras a pruebas de laboratorio?
Probamos tanto el extracto que entra en nuestras píldoras como el producto final para comprobar las concentraciones de cannabinoides y asegurarnos de que no haya rastros de disolventes o pesticidas.
¿Las píldoras son de espectro completo?
Podemos incluir extracto de cáñamo de espectro completo, de amplio espectro o aislado en nuestros productos de píldoras de marca blanca. Las píldoras que producimos sólo son de espectro completo si contienen extracto de espectro completo.
¿Puedo pedir píldoras a granel?
Ofrecemos múltiples opciones de personalización para nuestras píldoras de marca blanca. Si deseas otras opciones más allá de nuestros paquetes básicos, podemos trabajar contigo para diseñar una línea de píldoras a medida para tu marca.
¿Qué es un certificado de análisis (COA)?
Un certificado de análisis (COA) es un informe de laboratorio que proporciona análisis de datos sobre un producto específico. Un COA debe ser específico para cada lote y brindarle información sobre la potencia y el perfil de cannabinoides de un producto.
¿Se proporcionará un COA con mis cápsulas?
Los productos cannabinoides siempre deben ir acompañados de COA. Todos nuestros productos están acompañados de COA de un laboratorio externo acreditado por ORELAP. Cuando compra un producto en cápsula con infusión de cannabinoides de GVB, se le proporcionará un COA específico del lote que confirma la potencia del producto.
¿Ofrecen muestras de cápsulas?
Sí. El muestreo puede ser una excelente manera de determinar qué producto terminado será el adecuado para su marca. Para pedir muestras, reserve una llamada con uno de nuestros representantes de ventas. Al reservar una llamada, puede solicitar varias muestras a la vez y recibir sugerencias de nuestro representante sobre qué productos se adaptan mejor a sus necesidades y precio.
¿Qué formulaciones se utilizan con más frecuencia con las cápsulas?
Las cápsulas de cannabinoides más populares generalmente tienen formulaciones simples que consisten en vehículos como aceite de semilla de cáñamo y aceite MCT. Dado que el sabor no es un problema, no se usan saborizantes, pero a veces se agregan ingredientes naturales de tendencia como la cúrcuma o el extracto de jengibre.


ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 9001: 2015
NSF Certification
NSF Certification
100% Money-Back Guarantee
100% Money-Back Guarantee

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