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White Label / Tinctures


Tinctures are the most common method of using CBD.

They can be formulated to suit a variety of needs. For example, tinctures can be developed to focus solely on the properties of the cannabinoid of your choice, or can be tailored to create a morning, night, or calming formula. When used in ingestible CBD products, tinctures allow the cannabinoid to enter the bloodstream. However, ingestibles do not provide area-focused benefits as do balms and creams.

Among our offerings are day and night tinctures, specially formulated for a morning boost or nighttime relaxation. By combining the benefits of CBD with other herbal supplements, it’s possible to create a potent product that targets a particular state of mind.

Customization: We can custom formulate any of our tinctures to suit brand needs, such as specific flavors, containers, or effects. Our white label products come in a wide variety of options. Customers can select from our wide range of raw materials, dosage, containers, and ingredients, to build a fully customizable product that suits the needs of their consumers/brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tinctures Lab-Tested?
At GVB Biopharma, we test our preformulated white label tinctures for potency and purity. Testing is performed at multiple stages of the production process to establish cannabinoid ratios and ensure that no pesticides or residual solvents are present.
Are Tinctures Full-Spectrum?
Depending on the type of hemp extract that is used in our white label tinctures, these products may be either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. We offer full-spectrum, bulk tinctures with both CBD and CBG.
Can I Order Tinctures In Bulk?
Our white label tinctures are designed to be ordered in bulk and resold by hemp brands. Choosing preformulated white label tinctures is perfect for brands that want to launch completed products with minimal production costs.