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10 Reasons to Add CBD Bath Bombs to Your Product Line

Posted 1 year ago by GVB Biopharma
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Alissa Daschbach
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Updated on March 28, 2022

The CBD market is evolving rapidly. Once dominated by products that target specific areas and ailments, the CBD industry is taking a more casual turn and embracing products that fulfill a consumer’s wants as well as their needs.

If you operate a CBD brand, your product lineup needs to contain bath bombs. While undeniably designed with luxurious skincare in mind, CBD bath bombs also offer impressive benefits that appeal to both serious and casual hemp consumers.

In this list, discover the top 10 reasons you should add CBD bath bombs to your product lineup:

1. Bath bombs expand your CBD product line

Diversifying your product line is a balancing act. A brand without a solid foundation can’t be saved by simply throwing more products into its catalog. If your product lineup is too skimpy, however, your consumer audience will remain restrictively narrow.

If an honest analysis indicates that it’s time to strengthen your CBD brand with more products, bath bombs are a solid choice. Whether you’ve previously targeted the CBD health and beauty submarket or not, adding hemp bath bombs to your product line will help you reach a new audience or enhance your brand’s resonance with your existing customer base.

2. Bath bombs diversify your CBD brand

CBD skincare and beauty products are rapidly becoming more popular. This trend is still on the upswing, however, and the majority of hemp brands haven’t incorporated the health and beauty angle into their product lineups yet.

Now that hemp is a relatively mainstream industry, making your brand stand out is more important than ever. CBD bath bombs still aren’t quite as rare as they used to be, but by adding bath bombs to your product lineup, you’ll separate yourself from brands that haven’t yet adopted the hemp skincare trend.

3. CBD skincare and beauty products are on the rise

According to a recent Brightfield Group market research report, mainstream consumers are increasingly embracing CBD products offered in familiar formats. CBD-infused bath bombs and sparkling water, for instance, have both exploded in popularity over the past year.

Brightfield goes on to point out that CBD skincare products, such as bath bombs, “are being adopted extremely quickly across the country” partially because they are “extremely versatile.” Since they reach a “very different audience than general topicals,” Brightfield predicts that CBD bath bombs will “follow their own unique trajectory.”

What does all this mean for CBD brands? Consumers view CBD skincare products, such as bath bombs, as distinctly different from general topicals, and the popularity of CBD bath bombs is set to continue growing independently of interest in other types of hemp topicals.

4. Consumers are familiar with bath bombs

Traditionally hemp-averse consumers are starting to branch out into CBD-infused products that have familiar faces. Conventional bath bombs have been on the market for decades, and there’s already an established subset of consumers who are interested in these skincare products.

It’s a considerable leap for the average skincare and beauty product consumer to try an average CBD tincture or topical. Confronted with the choice between a conventional bath bomb and a CBD-infused bath bomb, however, skincare consumers will gladly choose the CBD option just for the sake of novelty.

This simple transition can serve as an introduction to your brand. Impressed by the results your CBD bath bombs provide, consumers who would otherwise never use other types of CBD products will become curious about your entire product lineup.

5. CBD bath bombs are ideal for both B2C and retail sales

With the right targeting, any type of CBD product can become popular online. There are simply so many eCommerce consumers that you can eventually build an audience for even the most obscure CBD product niche with a little trial and error.

This principle holds true for CBD bath bombs. What makes bath bombs unique, however, is their ideal suitability for retail sales.

Mainstream grocery, supplement, and pharmacy chains are much more likely to adopt CBD products offered in familiar formats. If you’re looking for a way to get your foot in the door of the lucrative CBD B2B market, developing a CBD bath bomb is a great place to start.

6. You can infuse CBD bath bombs with unique ingredients

It’s easy to make your CBD bath bombs distinctive and memorable. All you need to do is choose a medley of additional ingredients that will make your hemp bath bombs stand out.

First, consider the essential oils at your disposal. Lavender essential oil is relatively overdone in bath bombs, but lemongrass, frankincense, or eucalyptus extracts will help your CBD bath bombs contrast with the competition.

One of the best approaches to making CBD bath bombs memorable is to infuse them with terpenes. Consumers are starting to become aware of the benefits of terpenes, and these non-intoxicating compounds infuse bath bombs with unique, inviting aromas.

7. CBD bath bombs have impressive benefits

We’re all familiar with the benefits of CBD, but bath bombs are plenty beneficial on their own. Infused with essential oils, terpenes, or other plant extracts, the benefits of bath bombs become even more impressive.

Epsom salt, one of the primary ingredients in bath bombs, is well-known to be profoundly relaxing. This natural substance may also provide a plethora of other benefits.

8. Epsom salt and CBD work well together

CBD and Epsom salt are a perfect match. Both substances are renowned for their relaxing benefits, and these individual benefits may become even stronger when Epsom salt and CBD are used together.

The combined usefulness of CBD and Epsom salt may become even more profound when other cannabinoids are thrown into the mix as well. Research has been conducted into the possibility that CBD might become more powerful when it’s used at the same time as other cannabinoids.

9. CBD bath bombs are simple to use

Consumers find CBD bath bombs to be approachable due to their simplicity. When using a cannabinoid-infused bath bomb, there aren’t any complicated instructions to follow or confusing dosing schedules to remember. All you need to do is toss your CBD bath bomb in warm water and watch it fizz.

Bath bombs are associated with fun and luxury at the same time. You can certainly take a bath that doesn’t involve bath bombs, but watching a little ball fizz at the bottom of a bathtub has a way of becoming a hotly anticipated relaxation ritual.

10. Adding CBD bath bombs to your product line is easy

Figuring out how to mix the ingredients in a bath bomb and press them into hard, dried-up balls can be a hassle. With white label CBD bath bombs, however, you can simply choose the ingredients you want to include and let professionals take care of the rest.

At GVB Biopharma, we recently added bath bombs to our lineup of white label CBD products. Whichever cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, or other ingredients you’d like to include in your hemp bath bombs, we make it easy to design and produce unique bath bombs that will expand and diversify your product line.

CBD beauty and skincare products are only going to become more popular, and bath bombs will continue to lead the pack. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of CBD bath bombs and find out how to include these trending cannabinoid beauty products in your brand’s lineup.

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