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Month: March 2023

Japanese CBD Industry Growth Forecast

Just a few years ago, nobody would have expected that Japan would be on the cusp of becoming one of the largest hemp markets outside North America and Europe. Now, though, the Japanese market has undeniably opened to CBD, leading analysts to predict a national market size exceeding ¥80 billion, the equivalent of around $600 […]

What 2022’s Cannabis Harvest Means for the Industry’s Future

Every indication suggests that the US hemp and cannabis industry is set for sustainable future growth. Now, this general belief has been substantiated in great detail in the form of a report published by Leafly regarding the volume of cannabis that was harvested in 2022. Why is Leafly so confident that the future of the […]

Cannabinoid Opportunities Emerge as Shoppers Place Greater Emphasis on Sleep

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans are placing more emphasis on the importance of proper sleep than ever before. It has been known for decades that sleep is essential to health, but it’s only recently that scientists have uncovered just how essential a good night of rest is to your defense against disease and […]

Can You Use CBN for Sleep?

The more we learn about the hemp plant, the clearer it becomes that each cannabinoid has its own ideal uses and special benefits. Sometimes, these benefits are discovered through scientific inquiry, but more often, they’re uncovered by accident as users explore new forms of hemp. In the case of CBN and sleep, it’s a little […]

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