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Month: July 2022

Which Cannabinoids Are US Hemp Farmers Growing?

A decade ago, hemp farming in the United States remained restricted to a few government-sanctioned facilities sprinkled across the nation. Hemp was still considered largely synonymous with marijuana, and domestic cultivation was tightly controlled. Then, the 2014 Farm Bill began the process of redefining hemp — a process that reached some degree of conclusion with […]

Where Do US Consumers Buy CBD?

The American CBD industry is in full swing. With more than 14% of Americans using CBD products¹ and the hemp market swelling to $24.5 billion per year², hemp has become a force to be reckoned with. A disproportionate number of CBD sales occur online, however, with far fewer Americans buying this cannabinoid from brick-and-mortar retailers. What’s […]

Why Do Hemp Consumers in Great Britain Use CBD?

With the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) recently releasing a finalized list of CBD products currently in the approval process¹, the people of Great Britain are well on their way toward access to safe, government-regulated, CBD products. Brits have been enjoying CBD for quite a few years now, however, and their usage habits can tell […]

Which UK Generation Uses the Most CBD Products?

It might be off to a slightly slower start than its US equivalent, but the UK CBD industry is growing rapidly due to massive consumer interest. CBD appears to resonate better with certain age groups than it does with others, therefore hemp brands should identify clear messaging objectives to reach UK audiences.  Comprising more than […]

What Are Americans Using CBD For?

The US has served as the birthplace and remains the epicenter of the modern-day cannabis industry. Despite its northern neighbor, Canada, legalizing cannabis¹ outright, America still outsold the competition in 2021, selling $24.5 billion² in overall cannabis products compared to Canada’s $3.9 billion. CBD has always composed an important component of the wider American cannabis market, and […]

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