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Month: July 2023

What Are Terpenes

If you only consider cannabinoids when unraveling the mysteries of cannabis, you’re only looking at one side of the puzzle. Just as important are terpenes — far more volatile, but also vastly more aromatic than cannabinoids. Terpenes may be more like cannabinoids than we give them credit for, though: Find out exactly what terpenes are […]

How to Start a Hemp Business in California

Sunny California has been known as the spearhead of the cannabis movement since the late 1990s. Things may have taken a more-regulated turn recently, but nothing has changed about California’s ideal cultivation climate and hemp-friendly culture. As any honest Californian will tell you, taxation and property value will likely be your biggest concerns when setting […]

What Is THCV

One of the cannabinoids that has made the complexity of cannabis increasingly apparent is THCV. While similar to THC in many respects, THCV takes after other cannabinoids with the appellation “varin” in being an entirely unique rendition of the original compound. Is THCV the same as THC? Absolutely not. Availability of this rare cannabinoid may […]

What Is CBGV? Cannabigerovarin Effects, CBGV vs CBG

Before it takes on its final form, every cannabinoid in Cannabis sativa begins as something else. Most of the cannabinoids we already know and love — CBD, CBG, and CBN, for instance — all come from a common source: CBG. Cannabinoids in the “varin” family, however, trace their roots back to a different compound. In […]

The closer you look at cannabis, the more compounds appear. Cannabifuran may be one of the least-known cannabinoids, but that by no means suggests it’s unimportant. Recently, research into CBF has picked up steam, indicating that this cannabinoid may soon enter the mass market. In preparation for the inevitable popularity of CBF and cannabinoids like […]

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