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Month: May 2023

European Cannabinoid Market Set for US-Level Growth

When assessing the long-term viability of the cannabinoid market, it’s natural to turn to Europe. Classically conservative in its economic outlook, the European bloc is hard to sway in favor of trends. Innovations of genuine value, though, are inevitably brought within the fold of European daily life. It’s no wonder that Europeans are clamoring for […]

US Cannabinoid Product Mislabeling Remains a Major Concern

Hemp is an incredibly complex plant. One of its myriad functions is to remediate soil by removing toxins. These toxins then remain in the hemp plant, though, where they can be unwittingly ingested. That’s only one of the problems related to mislabeling that are rampant within the modern hemp industry. Shoppers understandably want to know […]

Which CBD Product Types Do Today’s Shoppers Prefer?

Shopper preferences for CBD products are shifting. At the same time, average Americans are increasingly positive about CBD, and more than half of the country has now tried the cannabinoid. What does this all mean for those of us focused on formulating the best, most successful CBD products on the market? Find out as we […]

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