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Month: February 2023

Coasting on 2022’s Gains, Cannabinoid Markets Poised for Massive 2023 Growth

Minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBN can no longer be overlooked within the global hemp and cannabis market. Analysts everywhere are beginning to recognize that the hemp cannabinoid industry is about much more than just CBD, and efforts are being made worldwide to welcome a wider spectrum of cannabinoids into the fold. The story of […]

CBD Skincare Guide 2023

Depending on the situation, using cannabinoids topically can be the most effective and desirable solution. Even so, cannabinoid-infused topicals have traditionally been slower-growing compared to long-trending categories like CBD tinctures and gummies. The latest data compiled by Statista, however, suggest that the topical tide is turning. A greater number of younger people are turning to […]

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