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Month: January 2022

5 Ways to Use Hemp Biomass

Hemp biomass may not be the most refined hemp product, but it certainly has its uses. As one of the cheapest types of hemp products to cultivate, biomass has quite a few nutraceutical, industrial, and even culinary applications. In this guide, we’ll examine the top 5 most notable uses of hemp biomass, and we’ll answer […]

CBDa Guide

CBDa, cannabidiolic acid, is the precursor of  CBD. Nonetheless, this rare compound is less well-known than its end-product, cannabidiol. In this guide, you’ll learn about CBDa, the special benefits it might offer, and how to choose the best CBDa products on the market What is CBDa? Scientists have identified CBDa as the substance in hemp […]

CBC Guide

Discovered in 1966¹, cannabichromene, or CBC, has been a core component of cannabis research for more than half a century despite being overshadowed by THC and CBD. There’s a lot we still don’t concretely know about CBC, but everything we’ve learned so far indicates this natural cannabinoid is well-worth extensive study. Let’s explore what CBC […]

Cannabinoids and Nutrition

None of the information mentioned in this article should be taken as nutritional advice.  The role cannabinoids play in nutrition is often overlooked in discussions of the science of cannabis. It’s generally understood that cannabinoids like CBD and THC don’t have any direct nutritional value, and this assumption is essentially true. The story of cannabinoids […]

How CBDv Interacts with Your System

CBDv is similar to CBD, but these two cannabinoids aren’t exactly alike. The differences between CBD and CBDv are sufficient to merit separate research into each compound. Scientists think CBDv might be useful in applications that CBD does not address. In this guide, learn what CBDv is, how it differs from CBD, and how it […]

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