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Month: September 2023

Cannabinoid Laws in Switzerland

A nation known for its rational, pacifistic stance on geopolitics, it’s no surprise that Switzerland has proven capable of suspending disbelief regarding cannabinoids, embracing the benefits of hemp more than many EU neighbors. Switzerland is far from the most progressive European state on cannabis, but its approach is reasoned, commendable, and highly favorable to producers […]

Cannabinoid Laws in Sweden

In Sweden, the approach to cannabis and cannabinoids is marked by a stringent legal framework and deeply rooted cultural apprehensions. This rigid stance often leads to intense reactions towards cannabis use, prompting a discourse among citizens and global observers alike on the rationale behind Sweden’s cannabis regulations. Some less-than-reasonable misunderstandings of the plant certainly seem […]

Cannabinoid Laws in Spain

Spain has recently become known as an international epicenter of cannabis tourism, raising questions about the nation’s actual stance on cannabinoids. Is the Mediterranean country as receptive to cannabinoids as it appears? From Spain’s stance on specific cannabinoids to insights into the nation’s overall cannabis culture, learn everything you need to know about marketing cannabinoid […]

Cannabinoid Laws in Italy

Italy, renowned for its Mediterranean climate, laid-back ambiance, and rich history, is gradually gaining recognition for a different reason. The southern European country is being considered a place where people can use whichever cannabinoids they wish without repercussion. Is it true that cannabis has been decriminalized in Italy, and what does this mean for entrepreneurs […]

Cannabinoid Laws in Holland

Cannabis cafes in Amsterdam have always been notorious, but is that the only way Holland has distinguished itself as an epicenter of cannabinoid culture? Why is cannabis purchasable in the Netherlands in the first place, and what does it mean for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the Dutch market? We’ll cover all the details in this […]

Cannabinoid Laws in France

Renowned for its cultural sophistication, one might assume that French culture would warmly welcome cannabis. Just the contrary is true, though — today, France remains one of the few European nations with essentially zero medical or adult-use cannabis infrastructure, putting on an initially intimidating face for prospective cannabinoid entrepreneurs. Just appraising France’s hardened exterior position […]

Cannabinoid Laws in Austria

Formerly the core of the vast Middle-Ages nation of Bavaria, Austria is still considered by some to be the ancestral homeland of Bavarian culture, renowned for its comprehensive grasp of science and the arts. Both the modern-day Germans and Austrians owe their culture to the Bavarians and their ancestors, who have used cannabis for thousands […]

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