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Which CBD Products sell the best

The compliant cannabinoid industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Not only is CBD not the only non-intoxicating cannabinoid on the block anymore, but the massive shift to online sales is rewarding certain types of CBD products and reducing the emphasis on others. To learn how to position yourself in the changing cannabinoid economy, you’ll need to […]

Should I partner with GVB Biopharma

More entrepreneurs are entering the hemp industry today than ever before. Many of these new compliant cannabinoid entrepreneurs, however, have decided to produce their own products, a choice that may hold them back from finding lasting success in today’s competitive hemp market. An established manufacturing partner has the expertise necessary to produce a wide range […]

CBD Marketing

Even though it has taken great strides to enter the mainstream of the economy in recent years, the CBD industry remains in a unique regulatory and legal category. Some marketing methods that work well in other industries are less effective for CBD brands, and other approaches to marketing gain increased emphasis in the context of […]

Entrepreneurs in the CBD space have conflicting views on the FDA. While this federal agency will ultimately be responsible for ushering in the era of mainstream CBD commerce, the FDA has seemingly made life harder for many domestic hemp producers and brands. While it’s true that the FDA has cracked down on certain companies for […]

The Canadian hemp market provides impressive opportunities within a highly regulated market. Unlike the United States, Canada places strict regulations on its industrial hemp and CBD industry, and under the Cannabis Act, CBD is treated largely the same as THC despite the fact that these cannabinoids have widely different properties. As a result, hemp entrepreneurs […]

Like any emerging industry, the hemp market continues to endure its fair share of turmoil. Every entrepreneur knows, however, that chaos can be synonymous with opportunity, and the non-intoxicating cannabinoid has finally stabilized to the extent that market entry is no longer considerably risky. In this list, we’ll cover 10 of the most compelling reasons […]

GVB Biopharma is the world’s premier producer of bulk cannabinoid and white label cannabinoid products. With a robust array of domestic facilities and operations across multiple continents, we’re standing by to craft custom products featuring any of the following optional ingredients. Topicals   Safflower Oil Safflower oil is rich in antioxidant vitamins, and this natural […]

THC-Free Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD)

THC-free crystal-resistant distillate is an ultra-refined CBD extract that contains high concentrations of minor cannabinoids while resisting crystallization and remaining in a liquid form.

CBG Isolate Guide

CBG isolate is an ultra-pure cannabinoid extract that contains greater than 98% CBG.

Broad-Spectrum Distillate Bulk Wholesale

This honey-like, distilled extract is easy to work with, and it’s applicable for a wide range of different product types