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Month: January 2023

Minor Cannabinoids Show Major Gains in Multiple US States

Every popular product or ingredient goes through three distinct stages: obscurity, in which shoppers are unaware of its existence; growth, in which sales explode; and maturity, in which demand for the product or ingredient stabilizes with supply. Knowing that the CBD market will inevitably reach maturity, investors and brands have begun to open markets for […]

How to Build A Cannabinoid Pet Brand in 2023

When CBD pet products first appeared on the market, brands faced heavy skepticism as they attempted to explain why CBD is useful for pets. Over the last decade, however, pet CBD products have sporadically gained popularity, sometimes boasting massive 1,000% year-over-year gains. These days, the CBD pet industry is valued at over half a billion […]

Study Shows Americans Are Exhausted: Science Shows CBN Can Help

It’s no secret that Americans are having trouble getting quality sleep. Whether it’s because of stress at work, anxiety, tech overload, or even the inability to relax, sometimes we just can’t seem to shut down. The problem is so widespread it’s becoming an epidemic.  A new report released in 2022, The State of Sleep In […]

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